Civil Engineering

At Innovative Engineering & Consulting, our experienced professionals are ready to help you bring your next development or project to life. We offer value engineering, which translates into projects that make their way through the design and review process in less time with fewer surprises and ultimately lower costs. For more information, contact us at (317) 769-2916.

Indianapolis Civil Engineering Companies

Excellence from the Start

From the very beginning of a project, Innovative excels at looking at the big picture. This means that during the proposal phase, we do our own due diligence that other engineering consulting firms sometimes overlook.


First priority is to identify whether or not a project is feasible.

For example, we consider the following:

  • Where will the infrastructure come from?
  • Is the property on a flood plain?
  • Is the property on wetlands?
  • Where will the utilities be laid?
  • What possible pitfalls do we see?
  • Is the design compatible to surrounding land use?

Identifying these important details before we even sign a contract can help both us and the client know if the project is one destined for success or if it needs some tweaking to address conceptual weaknesses. In that case, we offer alternative suggestions.

Civil & Structural Engineering Services

Our civil engineering firm is known in the industry for excellence, and we have valued relationships with city, town, and county authorities, developed through our years of work in the field. Innovative offers a complete package of civil and structural engineering services, and we stand by our final plans.

In addition, as a member of the Valenti-Held Group, we have access to resources from our four sister companies including contractor, developer, dredging, and infrastructure expertise. We have all the details covered including hydraulics, hydrology, grading, permitting, big picture design, and master planning. Check out our FAQ and About pages for more information.

Our Project Approach

  1. Initial consultation with client
  2. Consultation with client’s maintenance staff
  3. Consultation with county surveyor’s offices
  4. Site investigation and surveying
  5. Preliminary design
  6. Secondary client consultation
  7. Secondary design and VHCD review
  8. Final design and consultation with client
  9. Bidding documents prepared

Don’t wait another day to see your ideas spring to life. Contact Innovative at (317) 769-2916 for civil engineering services today. We serve Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois.