Land Development Planning

Land development is the big picture of a project ─ the 30,000-foot level overview where Innovative Engineering & Consulting grasps the big picture. It’s the dreaming phase where reality begins to assert itself. Since 2009, we’ve been successfully shepherding our clients through all phases of projects to completion. Contact us at (317) 769-2916 to see your plans brought to life in Indianapolis, and throughout Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois.

Indianapolis Land Development Planning

Land Planning for Project Success

As land development engineers, we understand the excitement of this busy, interactive phase:

  • Ideas are unleashed and given life.
  • We take those ideas and do our own due diligence.
  • We uncover any obstacles that would raise a stop sign to the approval process.

What Else Happens During the Land Development Phase?

As we meld ideas and reality, our plan begins to develop. More details come into play as we take the following steps:

  • Participate in client meetings
  • Meet with the government agencies
  • Dive into infrastructure concerns, including utilities, roads, ponds, and dirt
  • Look at access points
  • Consider the flow of traffic throughout the development
  • Receive feedback from the client and adjustments
  • Pull it all together in our concept plan

This is also where our “value engineering” concept becomes valuable. It’s important for land development companies to build good relationships with community and governing authorities, and because we’ve done that, we understand what’s important and how to meet the rules and regulations of the various cities, towns, counties, and their various boards and commissions.

All of this translates into projects that make their way through the design and review process in less time with fewer surprises and ultimately lower costs.

Couple the above with the complete resources that we can offer as a civil engineering firm and the resources from our sister companies as part of the Valenti-Held Group, and you have an unbeatable package:

Whether you’re working on a public works, residential, commercial, industrial, or multi-family development, we have the experience and resources to lead your project through to a successful completion. Land development is just one phase of the project that we can help with. Contact Innovative at (317) 769-2916 for land planning, surveying, and more. We serve Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois.