Site Plan Renderings

At Innovative Engineering & Consulting, we believe in offering a complete package of services to our clients, including a master plan rendering of our site design. To learn more about this and other services from our Indianapolis-based civil engineering firm, contact us at (317) 769-2916 for more information.

Importance of Renderings

Clients find renderings useful for a multitude of purposes.

1. Marketing tool: A colored rendering of the proposed project is extremely useful to use in public meetings and during planning commission hearings when approval of the project is at stake.

2. Advertisement: Subdivision developments will often make use of a full-color rendering, printing it and using it as signage on the land to be developed with the available lots for purchase clearly marked on the poster.

3. In-office Displays: Renderings can also be displayed in the developer’s office for reference when speaking to prospective buyers. Buyers appreciate seeing the full plan laid out in a colorful display that brings their potential community to life.


Sample Renderings

Innovative Is Part of Your Team

At Innovative, we consider ourselves to be part of your team working to bring your project to life — and that includes doing all we can to gain project approval:

  • We’ll attend public meetings and planning commission hearings with you to represent the project.
  • We’ll prepare exhibits, including the rendering, that give people an accurate portrayal of the planned development.
  • We understand the communities. Our employees are all invested members and live in these same communities. We want to make the project the best it can be for the communities that we live in.
  • Experience. We’ve worked in these areas for years and have an in-depth understanding of possible hot button items and how to satisfy everyone’s concerns.
  • We listen and take and answer questions. We then take the information we’ve learned at these meetings and adjust/tweak the plans so they have a better chance of being approved.
  • We have relationships with many of the city, town, and county authorities from working with them in the past, and we have a reputation of honoring our word. This is all part of what we call “value engineering” that we provide to our clients.

Contact Innovative today at (317) 769-2916 to get information about site plan rendering and schedule a consultation. We serve Indiana, Illinois, and Ohio.