Property Surveying

Once Innovative Engineering & Consulting has looked at the project from the 30,000-foot consultation level, we now lower our focus to the important property survey. With 120+ years of experience, our in-house surveying team is ready to apply their expertise to your project or development. Find out how Innovative can support you by contacting us at (317) 769-2916 for more information. Located near Indianapolis, we serve Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois.

Indianapolis Property Survey

In-house Civil Surveyors

As we mentioned, our land surveying services atInnovative are all in-house, which saves time and money.

  • It saves time because communication happens instantaneously from the field to the office.
  • Our surveyors already have access to the information and pitfalls we identified in the consultation phase, so they know what needs extra time and attention.
  • It saves money because these services are already built into our budget for the project

How Our Services Are a Foundation of the Project

A property survey sets the basis for the entire project. Without it, there would be no forward progress, no developing or building on the land. Here’s what we’ll determine during this phase:

  • Land boundaries
  • Easements and encroachments
  • Compliance with local building codes and regulations
  • Identification of conditions and geographic features that affect the property, such as elevation, flood plain, and wetland limitations.
  • Location of utilities which will affect the design of the project

Choose the Land Survey Company That’s a Team Player

You want a company that has your back. We live in many of the communities we work in. We have a personal interest in making cities and towns — and your project — the best it can be. We’re personally invested with you, and offer a complete range of civil engineering services so you don’t need to piecemeal together a plan:

  • Surveying

What’s even better, as part of the Valenti-Held Group, we have access to all the resources of our sister companies including dredging, contracting, real estate developing, and infrastructure. We are truly connected with the resources that most other civil engineering firms don’t have at their fingertips. Need more information? Check out our About and FAQ pages.

When you need a land survey company, call Innovative Engineering & Consulting at (317) 769-2916. You’ll get a property survey expert plus much more. We serve Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois with excellence.