IECI has had a busy month preparing plans for our new clients, Lennar-Cal Atlantic and MR3 Development, as well as a few returning clients. Hunters Crossing Section 8 plans are well underway, with the platting for Section 9 being prepared alongside it, and concept plans for MR3 have been flowing smoothly for sites located out of state. We have also started planning for the expansion of CSU Located in Plainfield, and a new site for Jack Singh which will be an integrated center located in Indianapolis. As the weather continues to warm up, we are sending our new surveying crew out more and more frequently, with plenty of the office work to keep them busy on the rainy days of spring. We are excited with this new addition to our team and have completed their entourage with a new truck, trailer and four-wheeler so that they can perform at the necessary levels that excellence demands. Stay tuned for how our company continues to grow and improve.