July 2019

July 7, 2019 | News

IECI has kept busy by preparing development plans for Grassy Manor, the Integrated Center, and Copperstone projects. These plans will be submitted by the end of this month, and have been worked on alongside revisions for HiTech label, 267 Industrial Park, Whitestown Business Park 2 Building 3, and the Whitestown Business Park Road Extension. Our surveying department has been extremely busy with construction staking for Harmony Hart and Serenade, as well as supplying our construction plans with the necessary surveys they require.

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June 2019

June 3, 2019 | News

As the weather has grown warmer IECI has grown busier! Our team has successfully submitted 267 Industrial Park for platting and development, Copperstone for platting, Whitestown Business Park Road Extension for development and Whitestown Business Park Building 3 for platting! Hunters Crossing Estates Section 8 has successfully been through most its round of comments with approvals now coming in. Harmony Section 6 has gone through comment revisions alongside it, and should be receiving final approval within the week. Looking forward, IECI is preparing development plans for Whitestown Business Park Building 3, revisions to Whitestown Business Park Road Extension, a new job in Indianapolis, and a new job for Lennar which is known as Grassy Creek. Our surveying department has been a true asset working alongside us in many of our jobs, specifically in providing CAD drawings of the topography and boundary for Whitestown Business Park Road Extension, Whitestown Business Park … Continued

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May 2019

June 3, 2019 | News

IECI has had a productive month with submittals to Indianapolis, Zionsville, and more! Hunters Crossing Section 8 and Harmony Section 6 have both been submitted and gone through their first round of reviews, along with a new Becknell project to be known as 267 Industrial Park. As we continue to perfect these construction sets we will also be working on construction plans for Whitestown Business Park Building 3, the Whitestown Business Park Road Extension, and platting for Copperstone and Hunters Crossing Section 9.  Amidst the hard work, congratulations are in order for Sycamore Flats achieving zoning approval, as well as the Jimmy Dala Convenience Center achieving approval. Our survey department has kept busy during this rainy month with field stakings for Harmony Hart in Westfield, as well as Serenade. Any time spent in office is put to good use as they create much needed surveys, boundaries, and more for our … Continued

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April 2019

April 24, 2019 | News

IECI has had a busy month preparing plans for our new clients, Lennar-Cal Atlantic and MR3 Development, as well as a few returning clients. Hunters Crossing Section 8 plans are well underway, with the platting for Section 9 being prepared alongside it, and concept plans for MR3 have been flowing smoothly for sites located out of state. We have also started planning for the expansion of CSU Located in Plainfield, and a new site for Jack Singh which will be an integrated center located in Indianapolis. As the weather continues to warm up, we are sending our new surveying crew out more and more frequently, with plenty of the office work to keep them busy on the rainy days of spring. We are excited with this new addition to our team and have completed their entourage with a new truck, trailer and four-wheeler so that they can perform at the … Continued

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December 2018

December 5, 2018 | News

The end of fall has brought the beginning of a growth spurt to IECI. We are excited to welcome a new licensed P.E. to the team. Along with adding to our staff, IECI is in the process of expanding the company. The catalyst for our continued growth is the ongoing dialogue with multiple major home builders, in which IECI is preparing to undertake their engineering work. Furthermore, signed contracts are expected for projects in Zionsville and Marion County in the near future. These exciting new projects make for a busy winter and a promising spring for Innovative Engineering!      

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November 2018

November 19, 2018 | News

IECI is growing! Project after project have been introduced to us through many of our clients, which promises for a future of more gas stations. The various upcoming locations will include Indianapolis,  Whiteland, Hazelwood, & more! Not only are we continuing our streak with work on gas stations, we will also be working with the Bobcat facility here in Whitestown, IN, as well as with various other opportunities currently being presented in the form of proposals. We are excited to announce that a variety of projects from earlier this year are now under construction. Serenade has started mass earthwork, while General Truck and Timpte Trailer have construction underway. Andy Mohr Ford will be joining them later this week with the remodeling of its building, and plans for construction are underway for West Wynne Farms and Slater Farms. It’s looking like it will be a busy winter for all involved.  

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October 2018

October 16, 2018 | News

As rain and temperatures fell in September, IECI has been working on various projects in the area. The Serenade project located in the City of Westfield was filed for earthmoving, while in Michigan City the plans for Castle Ford Lincoln are wrapping up. Closer to home, ground has been broken for Good Oil and now Timpte, both of which are located at Whitestown Crossing. As we prepare for the beginning of fall, we are excited to announce that we will once again be working with JC Hart on an apartment complex located in Zionsville! This is the previously mentioned Sycamore Flats, which we have officially been awarded a contract for in order to begin work on construction drawings. Along with this job we have been granted Zoning Approval for the Everett parcel, which has prompted us to now be preparing construction contracts for its final drawings. With these jobs in … Continued

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September 2018

September 18, 2018 | News

IECI has kept busy during this last month with a project encompassing over 80 acres of land known as The Serenade. We have had to call all hands on deck to pull together construction plans for this massive undertaking and are excited to announce that it is almost time for their first submittal. In addition to this, there has been a new project starting up next to the existing Cove project in Zionsville. The new project will be known as Sycamore Flats and will require creativity in its design, as most of the site is in the Flood Plain. IECI is excited to undertake such a challenge. A little further from home in Michigan City, a third project has taken off. IECI is happy to announce that we will be working on a building addition for the existing Castle Ford & Lincoln Dealership. With the addition of these new projects … Continued

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August 2018

August 9, 2018 | News

August seems to be another month of proposals for IECI; we have quickly become inundated with requests for proposals on convenience store/gas station locations and auto dealerships. We are also in the planning stages for an additional site including three new warehouse/distribution centers here in Whitestown. Looking forward we expect to have new jobs starting in Brownsburg, Plainfield, Zionsville, Indianapolis, Lafayette, Pendleton, & Michigan City.  In the meantime, work continues on Faith Baptist and Harvest Church Sites. Housing includes Serenade in Westfield, the Cove in Zionsville, and for multiple jobs in Whitestown for various clients. In addition to these current jobs, we are happy to announce the signing of a new contract to begin work off of Mann Road in Indianapolis.    

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July 2018

July 23, 2018 | News

IECI is happy to announce that in the past 4 weeks we have submitted rather large projects in Westfield, Whitestown, Zionsville, Ingalls, Danville and Avon. In Westfield, the Davis Property shall now be known as Augusta, an 80 acre site which will be home to a single-family subdivision comprised of 120 lots.  As this project has been in the proposal stage  for over a year, we are excited to have officially begun its design. In Whitestown, plans for Timpte Trailer are progressing, with the client’s property being located at our very own Whitestown Crossing. Negotiations with the town are still underway, but with promising signs of a closing in the near future. In the neighboring town of Zionsville, a project known as The Cove has been submitted. With this project containing a section in the floodway, it has been a complicated site to design, requiring ingenuity and creativity from all … Continued

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