As the weather has grown warmer IECI has grown busier! Our team has successfully submitted 267 Industrial Park for platting and development, Copperstone for platting, Whitestown Business Park Road Extension for development and Whitestown Business Park Building 3 for platting! Hunters Crossing Estates Section 8 has successfully been through most its round of comments with approvals now coming in. Harmony Section 6 has gone through comment revisions alongside it, and should be receiving final approval within the week. Looking forward, IECI is preparing development plans for Whitestown Business Park Building 3, revisions to Whitestown Business Park Road Extension, a new job in Indianapolis, and a new job for Lennar which is known as Grassy Creek. Our surveying department has been a true asset working alongside us in many of our jobs, specifically in providing CAD drawings of the topography and boundary for Whitestown Business Park Road Extension, Whitestown Business Park Building 3, and Copperstone. In addition to these layouts they have provided staking for Harmony Hart, Serenade and The Oaks.  As summer arrives fully it appears to be one of the busiest we have known.