Summer is usually a busy time of year for IECI, and this year is no exception. Three active projects in the Perry Industrial Park / Whitestown Crossing area are moving forward rapidly. On PIP II Sec. 2 Lot 14, right down the street from the Valenti-Held main office, site construction is well underway. IECI also continues to provide support to the field installation. Likewise, site development at the north end of Whitestown Crossing, along I65 for RPM Indy, is also underway. PIP III Sec. 2 Lot 6 site design is nearly complete. We are anticipating development/construction plans submittal for Lot 6 to the town on August 4th. IECI is anticipating approval from Whitestown in time for fall or early spring site construction. And finally, IECI is anticipating direction to move forward with the site design of PIP III Sec. 2 Lot 5 at any time.