Plans are underway in the IECI department. The Nissan Expansion project has begun construction in the Town of Avon, as well as the Harvest Parking lot Expansion. Dirt is moving and all is going according to plan. Meanwhile, the designs for the City of Westfield are nearing completion. Lancashire at Oak manor has achieved zoning approval, and approvals for Harmony 5 are well underway. Closer to home, the Town of Whitestown is upon completion for resolving the parking shortage at Watermark. At Whitestown Crossing prospects continue to soar as interested parties come in for our lot. Deals have been struck and a signing of contracts is on the horizon. In looking towards the future, IECI has bidding projects submitted for Plainfield and Brownsburg. Both projects offer an opportunity for growth, and we feel confident in our attaining them. Other bidding opportunities are beginning to come to our doorstep, and we have every intention of submitting a competitive offer for the betterment of both IECI and the clients.