IECI has kept busy during this last month with a project encompassing over 80 acres of land known as The Serenade. We have had to call all hands on deck to pull together construction plans for this massive undertaking and are excited to announce that it is almost time for their first submittal. In addition to this, there has been a new project starting up next to the existing Cove project in Zionsville. The new project will be known as Sycamore Flats and will require creativity in its design, as most of the site is in the Flood Plain. IECI is excited to undertake such a challenge. A little further from home in Michigan City, a third project has taken off. IECI is happy to announce that we will be working on a building addition for the existing Castle Ford & Lincoln Dealership. With the addition of these new projects and the continuation of projects from earlier in the year, IECI is looking forward to a busy, but productive, fall heading our way.