August 2016

July 29, 2016 | News

Summer is usually a busy time of year for IECI, and this year is no exception. Three active projects in the Perry Industrial Park / Whitestown Crossing area are moving forward rapidly. On PIP II Sec. 2 Lot 14, right down the street from the Valenti-Held main office, site construction is well underway. IECI also continues to provide support to the field installation. Likewise, site development at the north end of Whitestown Crossing, along I65 for RPM Indy, is also underway. PIP III Sec. 2 Lot 6 site design is nearly complete. We are anticipating development/construction plans submittal for Lot 6 to the town on August 4th. IECI is anticipating approval from Whitestown in time for fall or early spring site construction. And finally, IECI is anticipating direction to move forward with the site design of PIP III Sec. 2 Lot 5 at any time.

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July 2016

July 11, 2016 | News

IECI signed an agreement to provide the site design and permitting services for an exciting 54 acre, 30 building, 556 multifamily complex in Greenwood, IN. Wildcat Ridge will be located just east of I65 and south of County Line Road. IECI will have several challenges including site drainage and not having done work in Johnson County for several years. IECI anticipates that the project will take 2 years to construct. In the Perry Industrial Park, IECI has two projects underway with Becknell Industrial. One Project is in Perry Industrial Park II, Section 2, and is the design and re-platting of Lots 14 and 15 at the NE corner of Perry Boulevard and S.R. 267. This site will be re-platted to one lot and prepared for a 68,000 square ft. refrigerated facility. The site design will include preparing for a possible future addition that would more than double the facility’s size. … Continued

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June 2016

May 27, 2016 | News

Work associated with the Harmony subdivision in Westfield, IN has continued with current focus on the 33-acre Harmony Mixed Use district immediately adjacent to the NW corner of 146th Street and Ditch Road. It is imperative that maximum value to all parties, including future neighbors, be achieved at this important location. IECI is continuing to provide expertise and documentation, and we anticipate the approval of the Primary Plat/Overall Development Plan in June. IECI played an active role in the Maple Grove Commercial Plat in Whitestown, IN along the south side of Whitestown Parkway. Re-zoning, re-platting, and special exception applications were filed in May, and we are optimistic that these applications will receive June approval so that detailed site design for three projects can advance at this site.

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May 2016

April 29, 2016 | News

IECI’s first quarter showed a sales growth of 48% over 2015. The quarter was fueled by several projects. A proposed Kia dealership for the Andy Mohr Automotive group in Avon was taken from job release to development plan review approval in slightly over three months which is better than average. The site design project for Courtyards of Zionsville, a first of its kind in Zionsville, is a 61-unit “empty nester” community. The project has taken huge steps forward with the submittal of the primary plat and development plan. IECI is anticipating plat approval in April and development plan approval in May. The current plan is for Valenti-Held Contractor to be on the site and under construction in June or July. All agencies and questions have been addressed, and IECI is expecting the final approval of the Harmony 108 home site plans any day. The primary plat and overall development plans … Continued

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April 2016

March 31, 2016 | News

IECI is quite active in the Whitestown Crossing area. The Secondary Plat / Construction Plans for RPM Machinery have been submitted to Whitestown. The next hurdle is the March 14th Planning Commission meeting. IECI is anticipating final approval at that meeting which will be a milestone in permitting the site for construction. In February, IECI received final approval from the Town and Indiana Department of Environmental Management to expand Whitestown’s sanitary and water lines north of State Road 267. These installations are key to the expansion of the Whitestown Crossing Section 3 area. The installation of the sanitary sewer and water line is currently under construction.

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March 2016

March 23, 2016 | News

IECI continues to be fortunate to have sufficient work to stay busy. Since the holidays, two key projects have been secured and entered into the early stages of design. Andy Mohr Automotive Group has released yet another auto dealership for site design and permitting. A fourth dealership along US 36, KIA Motors, is being designed for the Avon Automotive Park. The KIA Motors dealership will be just west of and adjacent to the Volkswagen dealership that is currently under construction. IECI is heavily involved in the preparation of the site design work for KIA Motors and simultaneously providing consulting for the VW project under construction. In addition, The Courtyards of Zionsville, a projected 61 “empty nester” home site development is moving forward on the east side of CR 950 East, just north of the St. Alphonsus Catholic Church in Zionsville, IN.

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December 2013

December 3, 2013 | News

West Wynne Farms Innovative Engineering & Consulting, Inc., along with the developer, Site Solutions Inc. received zoning approval to amend a 225 acre site within the Town of Brownsburg for a Planned Unit Development. The overall plan includes the extension of the Northfield Drive around the south side of town connecting to South Green Street former State Road 267. With the new infrastructure plans are underway for multi-use projects including: commercial, retail, apartments, senior housing and single family residential. We are working diligently with the Town of Brownsburg to design as much “BUILDING GREEN” concept into the development especially into the storm water control drainage plan. Harvest Bible Chapel IECI was the lead consultant and then partnered with T&W Church Builders on behalf of Harvest Bible Chapel Indy West. Construction is near completion and finishes are being installed on a new place of worship at Gable Crossing in Avon, Indiana. … Continued

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New website unveiling!

July 31, 2013 | News

Innovative Engineering & Consulting is pleased to announce the unveiling of our new web site this month. Please take a few minutes and visit this site and the other Valenti Held Group sites. We welcome your comments.

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New Restaurant under Construction – Avon

July 29, 2013 | News

The Bagger Dave’s franchise is expanding and has chosen Avon as the location of their next store. IECI has taken the lead role in getting the site design and plan preparation for new restaurant, which is under construction now. Krieger Klatt Architects from Michigan joined forces with IECI in the development of the next Bagger Dave’s Burger Tavern on Lot # 2 of the Gable Crossing commercial subdivision located at the intersection of Gable Drive and US Highway 36.  The new location will be approximately 4,700 square feet of restaurant and tavern. Bagger Dave’s is famous for gourmet hamburgers.

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MI Homes Maple Grove Single Family

July 10, 2013 | News

The second phase of  construction will begin soon within the Town of Whitestown and Boone County for another section of single family lots. Phase two plans were recently approved by the governmental agencies and construction start is now being planned. The plan is a continuation from the infrastructure installed in phase one as the need for more single family sites are on the rise.

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